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Dietary supplements Aronia

The FIRST dietary supplement ARONIAS in Greece is a fact , from the Evian company filevia!

We are proud, but also very excited that we can offer our fellow citizens, the so-called “miracle of nature” the ARONIA diet supplement.

After many years of studies and research, in specialized laboratories and according to the analyzes we have done, but also the published studies of foreign research centers on the healing properties of ARONIA, we managed to carry out our dream and we gladly provide this really, very powerful tool for defense and protection of the human body , the dietary supplement ARONIA of <.!

The product is notified to EOF, No.Gnost: 87156 / 27-8-18

Aronia can shield and strengthen the human body with the really “explosive” mixture of vitamins such as : Vitamin P, is one of the highest of all fruits, provitamin A (β carotene) and vitamins B2, B6, B9, C, E, K. < / strong>

and antioxidants that make it first and different from all fruits on earth!

ORAC Scale

Aronia 16,062 μ mol TE / 100 gr

Blueberry ( wild ) 9,621 μ mol TE / 100 gr

Cranberry 9,090 μ mol TE / 100 gr

Ροδάκινο 6,257 μ mol TE / 100 gr

Apple 5,500 μ mol TE / 100 gr

Raspberry ( red ) 5,065 <#μ mol TE / 100 gr

Blueberry 4,800 μ mol TE / 100 gr

Strawberry 4,302 μ mol TE / 100 gr

Cherry 3,747 μ mol TE / 100 gr

Pomegranate 2,860 μ mol TE / 100 gr

Goji 2,970 μ mol TE / 100 gr

Grape 2,389 μ mol TE / 100 gr

The majority of the beneficial properties of Aronia are due to the high concentration of polyphenolic compounds

(flavonoids, anthocyanins and tannins) that disinfect the blood, remove toxic substances from the body, promote wound healing, reduce inflammation, improve the elasticity of blood vessels and prevent heart attack.

Anthocyanin content

Aronia 1,480 < / strong> mg / 100 gr < / b>

blueberry 558 mg / 100gr >

red raspberry 365 mg / 100gr

κεράσια 350- 400 mg / 100gr

acai berry 320 mg / 100gr

Aronia also helps: in daily antioxidant boost – immunity, heart health, blood pressure, in diabetes,

in liver health, in metabolism, in enhancing eye health,

is anti-inflammatory,

eliminates heavy metals from the body.

It is beneficial for pregnant women, children, diabetics, prevents wrinkles, slows down the aging of the body and skin < / p>

Suitable for … all ages.

The bottle contains 60 capsules and the recommended dosage is one capsule morning and night! (total 200mgaronia per day).

We believe in ARONIA, we believe in innovation, because we believe in the other Greece, that of creation, production, economic independence and progress!

We accept orders at 22210-82661 and they will be with you soon!
Good strength and good health to all of us,

we need it!