Terms and Conditions

Terms of use

The Company “FILEVIA MITROPETROS” , created this online store in order to better serve its customers. The use of the e-Shop by our customers is based on the following terms and specifications, in compliance with the relevant legal provisions.

The Company strives to ensure the uninterrupted traffic of the Website by making every effort to this end. Any temporary suspension of its operation, however, due to factors independent to the will of the Company, can not be ruled out. In such a case, the Company bears no responsibility.

No information and information contained in this Website may be construed as advice or prompt of any kind on the part of the Company. Each user / customer visits and uses the Website at their own risk. The Company strives to ensure, as far as possible, the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in this Website. It is acknowledged, however, that it may sometimes not be able to fully control all of the information contained herein.

The use of the Website by minors is prohibited. However, if such a case arises, the Company bears no responsibility, as it is not always able to check the accuracy of the information provided by the users / customers of the Website.

The users / customers of this Website are invited to use it in accordance with the usage ethics, trading practice and these terms. They must refrain from illegal and abusive behaviors. Otherwise, a claim for compensation of the Company may arise. In case of non-compliance of users / customers of the Website with these terms of use and applicable law, the Company reserves the right to take any necessary action such as prohibiting their access to the services through the Website, as well as processing, move and delete messages.

When users / customers enter this website, they, if they wish to make purchases, participate in tenders and offers, etc., provide their personal data, which are kept by our Company in an archive for the sole purpose of the fastest and more efficient service to our customers, informing them about offers, competitions, new products, etc., promoting the Company’s products, as well as future communication. The purpose of this information is to make it possible to measure the website traffic, to facilitate transactions with the Company and to determine more accurately the needs of our customers. The information provided by the users of our Website / customers is not distributed to any other organization or partner in any way.

The Website is the intellectual and industrial property of the Company, unless expressly reserved in certain respects in favor of the rights of third parties. In this context, in case of violation of its relevant rights, the Company is protected by the relevant legislation. If anyone wishes to make use of marks, insignia, logos, etc. contained in this Website, is required to obtain permission from the Company or from the third party of the relevant right. This Website may not be modified or reproduced or presented in any way without the prior permission of the Company.

The visitors of the Website can visit it without restrictions and without having to provide their personal data. Information such as name, full postal address, method of payment, credit card number and email address is voluntarily provided only by those users who wish to order one of our products, register on our website for regular updates or send e-mail .

Information is requested from the users of the page during their registration or in order to execute an order or to participate in a tender or to activate telephony and internet services. In addition to the above mentioned information, additional information can be requested, if required on a case by case basis, such as indicative shipping – order delivery, invoicing, etc.

Our Company uses the personal data provided by the users of the Website / its customers for exclusive purposes, the execution of the order, their information about offers, tenders, new products, any future communication and the confirmation / identification of the customer, if this become necessary.

If customers make credit card transactions, during the first transaction (possibly in the future) the holder will need to be identifiedcard. The confidentiality of the information is ensured in every case, while any supporting document submitted by the customer, remains confidential and is checked only by the competent department of our Company.

The provision of personal data by the users of the Website / customers, means that they consent to the use of this data by our Company for the purposes mentioned above. Our Company does everything necessary to ensure the maximum level of security and to ensure the protection of the personal data of its customers / users of the Website. Disclosure of this data to third parties, without the consent of the beneficiary, is done only where required by law or by court decision.

If the user / customer wishes to modify, correct or delete personal data he has provided, he must contact the email: filevia@outlook.com A similar communication must be made in case the customer / user wishes to contact our Company for any reason, as well as in case he wants to report any problem.

The users / customers who have provided their personal data to the Company have the rights of access, information and objection provided in law 2472/97. In case of direct provision of their personal data by the users / customers themselves to third parties, the Company bears no responsibility for the use of this data. The user / customer guarantees that the data he provides is accurate and true.

The Company makes every effort to ensure the confidentiality and security of transactions through this Website. Users / customers, however, should be aware that the transmission of information via e-mail involves the risk of reading the information by unauthorized third parties. Website users must use anti-virus software or malware.

The Company, its agents, directors and employees, are not responsible, in any case, for any consequential, incidental, indirect, special indemnities or expenses or fines, including indicative missing profits, business downtime, loss of information, loss of information. loss of customer, property loss, and any third party claims arising out of (or in connection with) the use or presentation of this Website or its content, whether or not the Company was or should have been aware of this possibility.

The Company does not guarantee that the quality of the products will meet the requirements and expectations of the users, but the products are offered to the users / customers “as is”.

Our Company may use cookies in order to facilitate the operation of this Website. Cookies are files that are sent and stored on the user’s computer, allowing the best operation of the Website, without causing damage to the user’s computer, while when the customer’s order is completed, they are deleted automatically.

Our Company updates its Website at regular intervals, bringing additions and modifications. This policy is also updated and amended without prior notice to customers / users, who are required to be informed on their own initiative of any changes to its content.

The users / customers of this Website agree to these terms and conditions of use and to the privacy policy as set forth above, which they expressly and unreservedly accept by using this Website alone without any further formulation.

These terms and conditions, as well as any amendments thereto, are governed by Greek law. Invalidity of any term does not affect the prestige of the others, who remain strong. For any dispute arising from the use of this Website, the courts of Chalkida have jurisdiction.