Order and shipping information

Order Procedure & amp; Shipping

From www. aronia-filevia.gr the customer can order the product of his choice by following the following procedure:

The customer chooses the product he wishes to order.

After checking the details of the order (color, quantity, size, price, etc …) select the icon that says “ Cart “.

If the customer is using our online services for the first time, he / she will then have to fill in a registration form or visitor form with his / her details, which is used only to facilitate the identification of the customer and to avoid errors in the delivery of the product.

The ordering process is followed by the customer’s choice of payment method among those listed in detail below (in the chapter “METHOD OF PAYMENT”).

The delivery of the product will take place immediately and in particular within 3 to 10 working days, depending on the availability of the product and the place of shipment.

The costs of sending the product to the contractor, whether they relate to their first delivery or to the shipment of a new product that will follow a possible return, are borne by the buyer – customer.

Supported payment cards